Top food and drink ideas for your wedding day North Wales & Shropshire

Everybody wants the best of the best for their wedding day and food choice is no exception! Below are some examples for some of the best food & drink suppliers that we've met on the job in North Wales and Shropshire and just had to share with you. Some are classic staples whilst including some alternative ideas you might have overlooked that could actually go down very well at your wedding. All of these suppliers will undeniably impress your guests leaving them with the lasting happy memories and most importantly, satisfied taste buds!

Gyoza Gyoza!

As far as alternative ideas for wedding food in Shropshire go, these delicious morsels are an absolute sure bet. If you're not sure what Gyoza are or whether you'll like them then keep reading (and there's no question - you'll love them!).

Gyoza are Japanese dumplings and these guys make the best around. With options for duck, chicken, pork or vegetable fillings, these tasty, authentic treats will please anyone and everyone in your wedding party. What's that, you say? They're a bit small? Don't panic - they're surprisingly filling... and even so, you can get them as part of a 'bento box' with sticky rice and asian slaw for a complete meal (highly recommend). Whilst indulgent, Gyoza are also pretty healthy, which is obviously a win.

Chris and the team are just the best people too; super friendly, great for conversation and invested in every event they cater for. Check out what they have to say about their craft...

"All of our delicious dumplings are pan fried, to get those bottoms crispy, and then steamed to give an amazing, juicy centre. This method of cooking is known as ‘Yaki-Gyoza’ and is the most popular way to cook gyoza in Japan."

If you want to break the mould and offer something creative and unforgettable to your guests, Gyoza Gyoza are 100% the food vendor for you... in fact, they're so great, we booked them for our own wedding. Just saying.

Check them out and enquire on their website!

Gyoza Gyoza Wedding Food Vendor Shropshire | Han & Stu Music Duo Blog
Gyoza Gyoza Wedding Food Vendor Shropshire | Han & Stu Music Duo Blog
Gyoza Gyoza Wedding Food Supplier Shropshire | Han & Stu Music Duo Blog
Gyoza Gyoza Wedding Food Supplier Shropshire | Han & Stu Music Duo Blog

Continuing with the 'not so obvious choice' sort of theme, this option could be a great shout for almost any wedding. Not all guests drink a lot of alcohol, some don't at all, and some might need to take a break. In any of these scenarios, the awesome coffee experts of Bank Street Social will be happy to help with their state of the art mobile coffee bar around North Wales.

Apart from the huge success of coffee culture in recent years, 'having a brew' is such a great social activity and with weddings fundamentally being social events, booking an artisan coffee stand to have on your big day is almost like a match made in heaven. Yes, everyone likes a drink, but for some it's just a bit early, or for some they've had a bit too much a bit too early. What about your best friend's fella... that's right, the one with the car keys? Or maybe the venue only have filter coffee and your heart's set on a flat white? There are so many reasons to consider having amazing coffee at your wedding and there's nobody better suited to serve it up than Bank Street Social.

With their community focused, unique and cosy shop rooted in downtown Wrexham, Andy and Phill are great guys to have around whose care for their craft is obvious from the first pour!

They don't just do coffee, but a range of the finest hot beverages, tasty snacks as well as a fine selection of craft beers. So if you did want a beer instead... that's fine too.

Take a look and get in touch via their website!

Bank Street Coffee Wrexham North Wales Wedding Supplier | Han & Stu Music Duo Blog
Bank Street Coffee Wrexham North Wales Wedding Supplier | Han & Stu Music Duo Blog

Bank Street Social

Amber's Pizza

Food can be a difficult decision to make when you're trying to find something to please everyone whilst also satisfying your own tastebuds. How do you find something that's quick and easy but also indulgent with lots of freedom for choice? We think this classic option is probably the answer...

We've played at so many weddings up and down the country and pizza is always a popular food choice... who doesn't like pizza? And with Amber's wood-fired authentic Neapolitan pizza in Shropshire, your guests are going to be going back for more, slice after slice.

This flat, flavoursome, fast-food is oozing with character with both traditional and creative toppings available to choose from. You can go straight up Home Alone (a whole cheese pizza, just for me), share a slice with your favourite meat and vegetarian toppings or try a bit of each. Pizza is another social food option, which at weddings, guests love.

As already mentioned, Amber's is true, Neapolitan style, which until you've tried, you probably haven't had proper pizza. Wood fired, pillowy, chewy crusts with just the right amount of fresh tasty ingredients on top, you can't really get much better.

Find out more and enquire about your date on their website!

It wouldn't be right without finishing with desert, and with so much to choose from it's refreshing to find something that's classic, indulgent but also unique whilst ticking the boxes for a sweet course. Ever tried Dutch Poffertjes? Well, let us introduce you.

We played for a wedding in a beautiful corner of North Wales last summer and sitting amongst the garden canopy was a sweet little food truck called Clog and Pancake. Far from selling the famous inedible wooden footwear, these guys served up the fluffiest, delightful Dutch-style pancakes you've ever tasted, partnered with a mouth-watering selection of toppings.

We like Biscoff - tick. We like strawberry & Nutella - tick. Traditional lemon & sugar? Yes please. Don't worry, they had triple chocolate brownie too amongst other tasty snacks like chocolate dipped strawberries.

Every year, you hear people saying "why do we only have pancakes on pancake day?" and it's a great question. In fact, it's a ludicrous situation. Pancakes are the best, and you absolutely have to try these little Dutch guys because they're so tasty!

This luxurious pudding supplier really is an absolute find and we can't wait to be at an event with them again (subtext: Han can't wait to be at an event with them again...) and you should definitely take a closer look at their socials to find out more.

Clog & Pancake

So that's it - appetisers, mains, puddings and coffee... what more is needed for the perfect menu? Hopefully these suggestions will have sparked a bit of creativity and given you some ideas. Maybe you'll even click the links and give them a closer look (go on...).

It's always good to go for something different and find your own style with something as personal as your wedding. Whatever choice you make, we know you're going to have the best, most delicious day!